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Expect Police and Aggressive Drug Enforcement At Electric Daisy Carnival

If you are headed to the Electric Daisy Carnival electronic dance music festival in Las Vegas this weekend, be prepared for an aggressive police presence looking for drug violations.

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2011 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, NV on June 26, 2011Given the history of a overdose deaths at this event in years past and other large scale raves quite recently, festival organizers are expected to aggressively enforce a zero-tolerance drug policy.

That means:

  • Aggressive searches upon entering the facility
  • Continuous patrols by uniformed and possibly undercover, plain clothed officers
  • Any out of control, dangerous, or abnormal behavior could result in police questioning


What to do if Approached by The Police

  • Be polite.
  • Do not answer any questions.
  • Do not admit to any illegal activity.
  • Do not agree to any search.
  • Ask if you are being detained, or if are free to go.

If you get Arrested

Don’t panic, but call for a legal consultation right away.

Penalties For Common Charges

Possession of a schedule I drug, like ecstasy, molly, MDMA, mushrooms, or many other substances is typically a Class E felony under Nevada law.  A class E Felony can have penalties from 1-4 years in prison.

Yes, that sounds really serious, and it is. No, that doesn’t mean you are going to jail.

There are lots of ways to work around the penalties, or beat the case entirely. Call to speak with an attorney to talk through all your options, and get questions answered about what could happen to you (and what you can do about it).

Staying Safe at EDC

Drink water. Lots of water. Keep drinking it. Then drink some more.

Really, you can’t drink too much water. This is Las Vegas, it’s the desert. It is brutally hot and dry, even at night in the summer.

If you did take drugs like molly or MDMA, those substances make it even more incredibly easy to dehydrate. Dangerously so. People really do die from ecstasy overdoses due to dehydration. Keep drinking water.

Also, water refills are free at the event for the purchase of a bottle. Best investment you will make.

What If I Do Have A Medical Problem (Or Possible Overdose)?

Go to a medical facility or first aid tent immediately. They should have lots of Health & Safety teams around to help you. Nothing is worth risking your life.

Any Last Advice?

Have fun. Drink Water.

If you get in legal trouble, call us.

Also, drink water.


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