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Theft. The criminal offense is far more complex than the word. The word conjures visions of shoplifting and taking something that doesn’t belong to you. But theft can be a far more complex and serious crime. There are numerous offenses which are charged as theft.

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Maybe you thought just this once you could get away with taking something that didn’t belong to you. Perhaps you didn’t know you were legally required to make efforts to find the owner of the lost money you found. Whatever the details of your case are—I can help.

One theft charge has the potential to change your life. From a permanent criminal record to potential jail time, facing a theft charge isn’t easy.

All of the following are considered theft:

  1. Taking control of someone else’s property with the intent of keeping it or depriving the rightful owner,
  2. Converting or transferring someone else’s property put in your care without permission,
  3. Obtaining goods or services through misrepresentation,
  4. Finding lost, mislaid, or mis-delivered property and not making a reasonable effort to notify the owner,
  5. Taking control of property when there is reasonable belief that it is stolen,
  6. Passing a worthless check, and
  7. Any other offense considered theft throughout the Nevada criminal statutes.

If the offense includes many pieces of property, multiple worthless checks, or a continuing course of conduct, all of the separate offenses can be charged as a single one, with the values combined to determine a penalty.

Ref: NRS §205.832,833,834

Nevada Theft Penalties

The charge you face for theft depends on the value of the theft. Obviously, stealing something of greater value will have a more serious potential penalty than something trivial in value.

Value Charge Potential Jail Time Potential Fines
Less than $250 Misdemeanor Up to 6 months Up to $1,000
$250-2,499 Class C Felony 1-5 years Up to $10,000
$2,500+ Class B Felony 1-10 years Up to $10,000

Ref: NRS §205.0835

In addition to fines, the judge will likely order you to pay restitution for your offense, repaying the victim any money lost or reimbursing them for the property stolen.

If this is your first offense and the charge is misdemeanor or even Class C felony theft, we may be able to get you probation instead of jail time. Contact my offices today for a free consultation on your theft case.

When you are facing a potential jail term, you need an aggressive defense attorney working on your behalf.