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Reckless Driving

Not all driving offenses are as simple as a ticket. You can actually do jail time and lose your license after a criminal citation for reckless driving or aggressive driving. If you’re facing charges like this, you need an experienced Nevada criminal defense attorney to help you fix this problem.

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Occasionally we here about people being pulled over who weren’t even aware they were breaking the law or doing anything wrong. And often, people charged with reckless driving admit to simply being distracted. “Aggressive” drivers often say they lost their temper or they were simply driving “defensively”.

These charges can be applied subjectively, so it is possible for a police officer to misinterpret your actions on the road.

But whatever happened to you, being stopped by the police and charged, a criminal offense is too serious to deal with yourself.

When facing criminal traffic offenses, knowing the ins and outs of criminal law is crucial. You can’t be expected to know this and that’s where we come in.  Give us a call for a consultation on these charges.

Nevada Reckless Driving Laws and Penalties

Reckless driving is typically considered a misdemeanor offense involving the “willful or wanton disregard of safety” to people or property. You can exhibit this disregard in one of several ways including racing, speeding, swerving, or driving in any otherwise dangerous manner.

The result of your reckless driving charge depends on if you’ve ever faced a charge like this before. Typically, your first offense will result in misdemeanor charges with up to 6 months in jail and fines reaching $1,000. Fines increase as your criminal history increases.

Also, with a reckless driving charge you will lose your license for 6 months to 2 years and could even get your car impounded.

Ref: NRS §484B.653

Nevada Aggressive Driving Laws

Aggressive driving is the offense commonly referred to as road rage. It involves driving in a certain aggressive pattern for more than one continuous mile. You can face charges of aggressive driving if you:

  • Commit one or more speeding violation,
  • Create an immediate hazard to another vehicle or person, or
  • Do any two of the following:
    • run a red light or stop sign,
    • pass another vehicle on the right where no lane exists,
    • swerving between marked lanes,
    • follow another vehicle too closely, or
    • right of way violations

Depending on your driving history, you could face jail time up to 6 months and fines reaching $2,000 for an aggressive driving conviction. You will also be ordered to a traffic safety course and may lose your license for a period of 30 days for your first offense.

Ref: NRS §484B.650

Any criminal charge is a serious criminal charge. When you stand to serve jail time and lose your driver’s license, it’s something you can’t avoid, and can’t hide from. When your right to drive is at state, talk to an experienced Nevada or Las Vegas criminal defense attorney for advice and help with your case.