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Bad Checks / Embezzlement / Fraud

Financial crimes like embezzlement, fraud, and worthless/bad checks are often committed at times when people are under financial stress. If you are facing charges like these, we know what you are going through.

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Nevada Worthless Checks Laws and Penalties

Worthless checks is probably the most common offense of this nature. This crime is when you write a check on a closed account or an account where you know there are insufficient funds to cover the amount. The charge you face here depends on the amount of the check.

If the check was for less than $250, you will face misdemeanor charges and up to 6 months in jail with fines reaching $1,000.

If the check is written for $250 or more, your charges will likely be a class d felony, carrying a potential 1-4 years in prison and $5,000 in fines.

If this is your second violation, regardless of the amount, you will face class d felony charges and 1 to 4 years in prison with up to $5,000 in fines.

Ref: NRS §205.130

Nevada Embezzlement Laws and Penalties

Embezzlement is the word to describe theft from an employer. This theft can be in the form of money, goods, or services. You may have helped yourself to some merchandise or altered the books for your own benefit. There are many ways in which you can be accused of this offense.

Embezzlement is a theft crime and is punished like any other theft, according to the value of the goods, services, or money stolen.

Value Charge Potential Jail Time Potential Fines
Less than $250 Misdemeanor Up to 6 months Up to $1,000
$250-2,499 Class C Felony 1-5 years Up to $10,000
$2,500+ Class B Felony 1-10 years Up to $10,000

Ref: NRS §205.0835, §205.300

Nevada Fraud Laws and Penalties

There are numerous offenses which are considered “fraud” under Nevada law. From lying about your financial situation in order to get credit, to falsely representing yourself in some manner—there are numerous ways to potentially be charged with this offense.

Because there are so many fraud laws I suggest you contact me for a free evaluation on your case. Prison sentences can range from 6 months to several years for charges like this. They are nothing to take lightly.

Ref: NRS §205.330-205.460

Facing charges that question your integrity can do serious damage on your reputation and your state of mind. These criminal charges can impact your day to day life from the moment you are caught and years into the future.

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